The RAF ST ATHAN Golf Club can now boast its own bar! After more than a whole year of hard work by a small group of the Club’s members, the Station Commander, Air Commodore Campbell, was able to conduct the official opening of the clubhouse bar by pulling the first pint.

The story began in the summer of 1977 when the Golf Club Committee was given permission to have one of the old wooden huts (World War II vintage) as a basis for a clubhouse. Work began on dismantling the structure, piece by piece, so that it could be transported the quarter of a mile to its new location on the golf course. The reassembly of the shell of the building, a considerable undertaking, was carried out during the early spring of this year. Throughout the summer and autumn of 1978 all manner of cosmetic work has slowly been finalized, ranging from decorating walls to installing electric wiring, from laying carpets to laying sewage systems. But the many months of hard work reached fruition when the bar became operative and there to see the Station Commander “christen the pumps” the pumps’ were members of the Commitee who have given up so much of their spare time in order to give the 9-hole course a much needed facility.

From its inception just over 3 years ago the club and course have now become a much-admired feature of RAF St Athan, providing rapidly-improving playing conditions for nearly 40 St Athan-based servicemen and over 110 local civilians, not to mention the ladies and juniors. Ratification of the course by the Welsh Golf Union was given in 1977.

While there is still much to be done, nevertheless the Committee members can look back with satisfaction on their achievements. Thenew bar and clubhouse will at least ensure a well-earned drink at theend of a hard round or a demanding day’s work on the course.

The bar opens