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A good par 4 at 389 yards off the white tees and stroke index 5/6.

A path to the left of the first green leads across the front of a large shared tee with the 5th hole.

The hole direction is in a NW direction with a significant dog-leg to the left starting at the 220-yard mark.

The hole is lined with high conifers on the left and right and runs parallel with the 5th hole.

A good tee shot will leave a straight forward 2nd shot to a medium sized green that slopes from back to front.

Second shots are normally played into the prevailing wind and it is very common to see shots come up short.

There is a wide fairway bunker short and right of the hole and another on the left greenside.

The green demands a good judge of pace putting from back to front and some significant ball movement if you are coming across the slope.