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February Newsletter & Course Walkabout.

February Newsletter & Course Walkabout.

What’s Happening around the course

The following work is scheduled to be done in the coming months.  Not all is weather dependent so keep an eye open for this work to start:

  • Tree work around the course
  • Aerate and apply Iron to greens
  • Service machines
  • Cut course when weather allows
  • Work to 5th bunkers as soon as weather allows

The cushman is currently u/s which means a lot of the jobs have been delayed or put on hold.


Social – Dates for your diary

Friday 7th February  Bingo

Friday 14th February   Steak Night

Saturday 15th February   Steak Night

Friday 21st February  Karaoke

Friday 28th February  Quiz Night

Winter warmers: Baileys (50ml) £2.50 ,Whitley Gin & Lemonade £2.00

Rugby Saturday deals  HB £2.00 a pint (whilst stocks last)

Carling £3.20 a pint  Strongbow £3.00

Golf  – Dates for your diary

In January, Craig & Rachael Sherman will be standing down as Junior Organizers. We are looking for volunteers to help with the Junior Section. You will have help with the role from Wales Golf who actively help with our club. The Professional Hugh Williams from Pyle & Kenfig has also offered to coach our Juniors. Please help the club to help our Junior members learn and improve their golf. After all, they are our future………. If more information is required Craig or Gerald Thomas will be more than happy to help.


Six Nations Rugby Saturday Comps. Sat 1st, Sat 8th and Saturday 22nd February mixed 9 hole shotgun start. Start sheets will be in the foyer.


Please check BRS for daily for tee bookings and also check the room for functions booked.

**** New membership category*****   Just Golf membership £365  for further details please contact the club, either by email or telephone 01446 751043




Golf Committee – Course Walk – Wednesday 8th May/ Wednesday 6th June 2019

  • 1st Hole


  • Remove white chain fence to make cutting easier
  • Strim against boundary fence
  • Reduce in size the “ecological area” between 1st and 5th green (done)
  • Small tree (looks dead) – just before road to GK compound – remove
  • Strimming around base of trees
  • Bunker right of 1st – when in play? (understand before end Jun)
  • Consider letting the area behind the 1st & 4th greens become a sustainable area

2nd Hole

  • Rope by 2nd tee looks poor – alternatives?
  • 1st fir on left (between 2nd & 5th) and leylandii behind it – thin or remove
  • Trim right hand side of firs on left of hole – hole is getting narrower.
  • Trim left hand side of leylandii to right of ladies tee.
  • Surround of ladies’ tee (reduce cut height)
  • Silver birches (left by 150 yds) – thin out / remove
  • Sustainable area (Right of fairway) – Reduce size – Cut back from fir copse to square area.

3rd Hole

  • Bench, bin & ball washer – move location nearer tee area
  • 4 tall trees (left corner) take out or reduce height (the ones in a line from the 150 market back to the tee box)
  • Copse just after 150 (left) – trim branches
  • Fairway right at 150 – 200 yds from green – Concave cut rather than convex to widen landing area

4th Hole

  • 2 small trees right rough just after mound – remove to make cutting easier

5th Hole

  • Spay ladies tee for weeds and cut surrounds to tee.
  • Widen fairway on left near 150 yd marker.
  • Thin leylandii at OOD on left of hole in Greenkeepers’ compound.
  • Remove overhanging cherry tree on left between 150yd marker and tall trees (overhanging from OOB).
  • Turn middle bunker into grass bunker (at present stones are constantly being raked up)

6th Hole

  • The last fence panel between the course and the car park need fixing.
  • Thin the first 2 trees to the right of the green.



7th Hole

  • The posts between the tee and the road to the right of the tee are rotten and need replacement.

8th Hole

  • Return the area between the bunkers and the green to fairway.
  • Widen fairway to the left.
  • Repair bare area to left of left-hand bunker (damaged by blowing sand).

9th Hole

  • Widen the fairway to the left between 150 yd marker and green.

General observations

  • Are the fairways as wide as they can be in all parts of the course. It is understood that certain areas are too rough to be mowed to fairway length but it was agreed previously to make fairways as wide as possible.
  • Remove winter mats.


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